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  • Channel to inform, network and spread message (+ discuss, of course)
  • Twitter is followed by media, as well

#: Twitter channels (hashtags) for collaboration

singing (very active, relating to everyday singing mostly)
vocal (active, ones in an hour, relating to all kinds of music, also learning)
learntosing (3; relating to britney, telling pop-stars etc. to learn to sing) expand »
learningtosing (0)
singing (too much used, not recommended)
musiclearning (hardly used)
mastersinger (hardly used)

opera (very active, 10's of times in an hour)
classicalmusic (active, several in an hour, many by same tweeters; "what I am listening")
classical (quite active, in japanese especially)
wagner (active, but mostly not relating to the composer)
vocalmusic (none)

selfdirected (ok. some real estate agent is using it, but we can fit in)
actionlearning (fairly popular, currently japanese tweets)
personallearning (not used, at least currently)
slowlearning (hardly used)

winning (extremely active, used several times in a minute)
coaching (very popular, around 10-20 tweets in hour)
learntowin (many, business & sports, also user @Learntowin exists)
selfdevelopment (used few times a day)
selfexpression (a few times in a day)
selfleadership (hardly used)

talent (very actively used; both entertainment, personal growth & business))
creativity (used 5-10 times in an hour)

internettv (about 10-30 times in a day)
onlinetv (@internet_tv1 is sending several tweets in an hour; no other tweeters)

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