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The Swing to Win FB activities

Facebook is one of the channels that have been selected to use in the Swing to Win project in engaging people all around the world. How is it best used for this purpose?

The channel has been opened and it has c. 130 fans.
The language is mainly English
There are some posts and photos of the project (people, filming etc.)


  • Add links to coaches
  • Add knowledge on filming sessions (Katri is in contact to Nicholas)
  • Add links to other social media channels we use (projects own www-pages, Vimeo, Slideshare, Twitter, Youtube and possible other sites like sponsors etc.)
  • Add photos (via Nicholas)
  • Add questions to the fans (how do you like the pics, videos, www-pages)
  • Monitor activities of the page from April-June

When www-pages are opened, promote it in Facebook
When new videos are published (Vimeo, own www-pages), promote those in Facebook

Occasionally Christina and her coaches should comment on filming, the project, themes, answer questions etc.

More detailed view on the use of facebook is described in attached file.

Swing to Win Facebook concept

Discuss & brainstorm

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@msalavuo Cheers for that idea!
kristiinameme kristiinameme   (09.06.2011 06:18)

I find it important to see FB as an alternative to the learning hub, if Ning/Elgg is not used. The tribe needs a home.
msalavuo   (09.05.2011 12:53)

@Katritee Seems good.
oskariuotinen oskariuotinen   (09.05.2011 12:47)

Facebook strategy has been updated now on the basis of meeting yesterday. Comments?
Katritee   (07.05.2011 16:31)

If we agree that the Swing is the future of learning, how this idea can be promoted in Facebook? How we can use facebook also as a genuine learning platform as people usually take it more as an information source?
Katritee   (05.05.2011 21:48)

@katritee Looking good!
oskariuotinen oskariuotinen   (02.05.2011 22:51)

@oskariuotinen I added material to Yammer and to this site as well. Now waiting for comments and ideas:-)
Katritee   (02.05.2011 14:03)

@katritee shared ideas for this in Yammer. Could you referate them here?
oskariuotinen oskariuotinen   (01.05.2011 23:47)