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People willing to develope themselves


Swing should provide:

  • inspirating and motivating content
  • offer a networked framework for learning and self-development

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The idea is that all the Swing coaches use the program for their own promotion and by so means also promote the Swing. I am sure the EngageSwing team has taken the coaches into consideration while planning for the strategy.
anonymous   (05.05.2011 09:31)

@cristinaandersso excellent, the Star of Swing and guest star coaches then probably will guide members of those communities to have a look to Swing social media communities, too.

There are huge, enormous, self development communities around the law of attraction and "The Secret". I believe self development is the Nr. 1 trend in the world. One of our coaches, Eli Davidson, is involved with these guys.

Unfortunaly (silly me) there is no Winning Helix community :(

anonymous   (05.05.2011 09:16)

@oskariuotinen people who read books like "Winning Helix" ("Voittava kierre" in Finnish) might be people who are members of self-development oriented communities. Maybe @cristinaandersso has ideas how to find that kind of communities, biggest of them? Is there any kind of community around Winning Helix, btw?

How to get them interested... Small steps and small feelings of success? Positive, interactive experience that arouses positive feeling and that empowers?

Good question, @jal53. Should we search for communities that are related to self-development? Some of the the biggest of them, then believe that WoM takes care of the rest?

How to find them and get interested enough to engage somehow to SwingToWin?