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  • For companies and people from organizations, inspiration on how to utilize Swing-method in organizational context

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@kristiinameme I agree.
oskariuotinen oskariuotinen   (02.05.2011 22:37)

@oskariuotinen The sponsor we are publishing next week on the new website are six. They are marketing companies (those responsible about web presence, an airline, a public sponsor and a city). The main sponsors will be published later. All the publicity around the sponsors will be controlled so that we cannot "just buzz" about them but we'll (SWING will, not me -:)) negotiate with them about the publicity. Especially those who are still an negotiation phase, they are not official sponsors yet, so we should not communicate about them. Biggest sponsors (giving a lot of money) will (I think) have an opportunity to affect also the social media strategy later. So when the deals are closed, many things might change. But that will not happen before this summer as much as I know. I hope we'll get big sponsors to fund this expensive program. If there will be more questions I thing the producer should come to comment them. But maybe this is not the right forum for that discussion. Or what is the social media strategy for the wiki? This is one of our channels, isn't it? :)
kristiinameme kristiinameme   (02.05.2011 06:52)

How many sponsors we now have (@kristiinameme)? I think this is somewhat non-public issue but what kind of companies those are? How could they become engaged to Swing?
oskariuotinen oskariuotinen   (01.05.2011 23:38)