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Let's create the SWING movement! This website will be a planning meeting and a map for social media activities around The SWING project. Feel free to join the planning!

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Let's create the SWING movement! This website will be a map for social media activities around The SWING project. Feel free to join the planning!

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@anonyymi What do you mean? How do think it should be? :)
kristiinameme kristiinameme   (22.06.2011 22:10)

How open could and should be? How easy and intuitive is the registration? How automatic shoud/could it be? - ping @kristiinameme, @hponka
anonymous   (20.06.2011 11:53)

-> Would your organisation like to be a sponsor for SWING community?
kristiinameme kristiinameme   (03.06.2011 23:31)

-> Would YOU like to be a volunteer and curate / monitor the SWING social media channels on autumn 2011 / winter 2012? For a week? For a month?
kristiinameme kristiinameme   (03.06.2011 23:22)

I knew from the start that it will be a great project! Education and culture are moving in the wild Net and this is great example of who to mix the two with class on international level.
justellen   (27.05.2011 11:35)

Warm regards to all SwingToWin people from Mobile Summer School 2011 event at Mustiala, Tammela!
PauliinaMakela   (26.05.2011 14:08)

SwingToWin social media team in strategy f2f meeting @ MEMEgroup office May 6th, 2011: - and @oskariuotinen somewhere in the cloud
jal53   (06.05.2011 18:30)

@jal53 Yes, for non-registered users automatically checks language from web browser.

To your last message: we are working on it. Until then, new users must first register and then return to the wiki and request membership.
hponka hponka   (02.05.2011 12:29)

@hponka for somebody coming to specific wiki (like swingtowin) should be possible to registrate and ask possibility to join to that particular wiki in one session/on same page. It would be nice and much easier to join some specific wiki.
jal53   (01.05.2011 17:59)

@hponka so anyone from outside of Finland surfing to accidentally or via some link will have English version? Or?
jal53   (01.05.2011 15:11)

@jal53 Registration form is now also in English when user have english web browser. So there are no need to change language from Finnish to English.
hponka hponka   (29.04.2011 22:12)

Im loving the english version of it;) No need of using Google Translation:) Welcome to you all guys!
anonymous   (29.04.2011 16:44)

@hponka how easy it is to choose user interface language when coming - after invitation - first time here? Finnish user interface in a start might be problem for international users. Maybe admin could change user's language, too?
jal53   (29.04.2011 16:39)

@cristinaandersso wellcome:-)
jal53   (29.04.2011 16:26)

@hponka and a special ping to @Kondwani - and let's wellcome @cristinaandersso herself to wiki:-)
jal53   (29.04.2011 16:25)

@kristiinameme @jal53 English translation added.

You can now select english language in your user account edit (upper right menu).
hponka hponka   (29.04.2011 15:26)

Hello! Good to meet you guys here! A great way to communicate and cooperate.
cristinaandersso   (29.04.2011 08:18)

Hey, this is great work waht you have started to do. I was on a brief vacation yesterday so that I start working on this now. I'm truly inspired about Swing and this collaborative strategic work. Nice to work with you guys!
oskariuotinen oskariuotinen   (28.04.2011 23:29)

It would be nice if everyone would describe him/her a little bit; just click your own nick and edit:-)
jal53   (28.04.2011 17:13)

@anonyymi And apparently wasn't logged in while posting, so now with the nic.
toml   (28.04.2011 12:34)