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Practical issues with social media and Swing


  • Who will curate / monitor the social media channels? The key could be to find them from the participants: most active users etc.
  • Who will provide answers to questions the participants of the social learning ecosystem present?
  • Issues relating to continuity of funding

-> Would YOU like to be a volunteer and curate / monitor the social media channels on autumn 2011 / winter 2012? For a week? For a month?

SwingToWin social media team strategy meeting May 6th @ MEMEgroup

Discuss & brainstorm

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@oskariuotinen Exactly! Perhaps a thesis worker to start with?
toml   (18.05.2011 22:15)

I think there would be volunteers available for that. Guess what would be great? A student of social psychology, for example, who could benefit from this kind of facilitating as part of her studies...
oskariuotinen oskariuotinen   (01.05.2011 23:14)

@toml Yes. We should estimate in this strategy also what resources we need for this content process. I guess we need at least one person to check all the channels once a week and curate/fasilitate the discussion. That means AT LEAST one our a week -> 4 hours a month. Or should it be once a day -> 20 hours a month. Do you think we could get someone to do it from a voluntary basis? One person to be the host for a month. People who'll have motive to be seen and collaborate in this kind of project.
kristiinameme kristiinameme   (01.05.2011 10:12)

I'm assuming a small governing body needs to be in place with the ability to give some level of support, but best if the users would generate the support for each other as much as possible. Same goes with curating the content. For funding... good question.
toml   (01.05.2011 00:00)