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Swing as global learning network


Swing is about singing and learning. Swing is about inspiration and willingness to break the old patterns. Doing so we don't rely only on formal education systems but are able to utilize our own learning process and the learning of others in our own developmental path.


Swing is a learning ecosystem, where actions of participants can have an effect on motivations, activities, methods, goals and so on. We are to provide support for that ecosystem to flourish.

This blog post posted in SingToWin provides an exellent background and description of what we are after here.

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@jal53 I am working on the pedagogical strategy, have a couple of pages ready, will edit & add in the next couple of days. Should be ready on Wednesday, Friday the latest.
msalavuo   (02.05.2011 21:32)

Meant @cristinaandersso in my previous message. (I am not sure if editing of a message will send a ping message - @hponka?)
jal53   (02.05.2011 21:12)

@msalavuo do you have the pedagogical concept of Swing @christinaandersso told in the meeting 12.4.?
jal53   (02.05.2011 21:10)

@msalavuo This part should be integrated into rest of the strategy, like the page and so on. I'd love it if you could do it soon. Otherwise we'll miss the pedagogy in the rest of the strategy.
kristiinameme kristiinameme   (01.05.2011 10:06)