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Technical implementation of the learning environment

Tools/ services

  • The "environment" could and should be using several tools & services that best suit the participants needs, skills and experience
  • Important to create a sense of community, a sense of belonging to the Swing Tribe, being a valuable part of the Swing ecosystem. This will provide a sense of ownership and thus motivation to learn
  • There could be an aggregated space, where for example Youtube Video -contributions would be gathered/ aggregated (with moderation--> by whom?)
  • Ning is one possible option as a service, or a hub, that could bring people together, allow them to share their contributions, ideas, bring out their expertise & goals in their profile pages etc.
  • Should there be a dedicated "swing journal", e.g. a blog for people to write about their progress (with videos etc. included of course)?
  • A dedicated Youtube channel for people to post videos of their progress. This could be done just by using tags (there are fitness programs such as P90X that work that way) or something similar to Youtube Symphony Orchestra. This would need support from Google, I assume.
  • Swing could also use experimental technical implementations that deal with for instance interactive coaches (that give feedback on your singing) or augmented reality, as in Youtube Symphony.

The Learning Hub

The learning hub would be the centre of the SwingToWin Learning Ecosystem.

  • Participants create their profile pages
  • They have their own blogs, where they write about their progress, participate by commenting, advising, asking etc. on other participants' blogs
  • They embed media about their progress, for instance Youtube videos, pictures from Flickr etc.
  • There is a Swing discussion forum with different Swing-related discussion areas.
  • A possibility for the members to create their own groups.
  • An area for delivering and linking to interesting learning materials
  • Possibility to aggregate other Swing-channels in to the hub (e.g. the twitter stream, youtube channel etc.)

The ideal platforms to make this happen would be Ning and Elgg. Both cost about 40-50$ a month.

Discuss & brainstorm

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@oskariuotinen Again Oskari the same question here as in other parts of Purot, as I've been away for the last 2 weeks or so, has anything happened with this initiative yet?
toml   (18.05.2011 22:33)

Definately! I'm addicted to HeiaHeia. Training has boosted my usage of Heia and using Heia has boosted my training, as well. That's a wonderful idea! This could be a business opportunity for Mooze Ltd (company running HeiaHeia): same kind of platform for different kinds of activities, not just sports :)
oskariuotinen oskariuotinen   (01.05.2011 23:03)

@msalavuo As there's nothing like that yet available, could lower the bar for media coverage, too. And as Heia has proved, people like to share stuff like that. Oskari here is a good example of heavy Heia users ;-)
toml   (30.04.2011 23:53)

I really like the HeiaHeia idea. On Twitter / FB it is irritating, but in a tribe setting it could be very functional and motivating.
msalavuo   (29.04.2011 15:40)

If it was to be a HeiaHeia of music practicing, a Journal or blogroll or similar would be a great addition to that.
toml   (29.04.2011 10:59)

Swing journal could also be a collection of individual blogs at a newsletter if not possible to gather everyone 'under one roof'. Or perhaps like a collection on learning diaries, a'la Heia Heia of music learning/practicing. I think a HeiaHeia -type of solution would be brilliant, motivating people to practice and make it a sort of fun joint activity while still individual practicing.
toml   (29.04.2011 10:58)

It is also true that there should be various tools available to meet everybody's needs but variety of the tools shouldn't become mess.
oskariuotinen oskariuotinen   (28.04.2011 23:23)

"Swing journal" is a good idea. Because of the collaborative nature of Swing and the new learning paradigm there is definitely need to document and follow progress of the others in order to be able to mirror it to own process of self-development. Who are the bloggers and how are they selected?
oskariuotinen oskariuotinen   (28.04.2011 23:20)