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Pedagogical goals and framework

What are the pedagogical goals / what is the ped. purpose

  • Learning to learn
  • Skills & methods for networked learning
  • Bringing out the possibilities of informal learning
  • Internal motivation and peer appreciation
  • Participatory learning: How to support, scaffold & create basis for parcipatory learning activities?
  • Learning classical music has traditionally been externally motivated & teacher directed--> Changing this culture should be one of the goals
  • Connect participants to both motivate and support each other, as well as provide basis for future collaborations

How to support the above goals with social media (as tools, as a culture, as ways of doing things?)

Breaking old habits

I think we also aim at challenging 'old methods' of learning and the old way of thinking about the process of learning. Also for some, this is a whole new way of working and growing as persons in professional terms.

Swing is about learning to break old habits, learning to think differently, learning in new ways by trying to break the burden of old cultures of learning.

Discuss & brainstorm

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Great ideas, Tom! I think that we have been planning some kind of platform where both coaching and learning from each other would be easy.
oskariuotinen oskariuotinen   (01.05.2011 22:59)

Could we also create a platform for remote coaching of music learning here, not just self-study? We tried with Somepitching the remote judging of ideas where the time or place don't set any limits to interaction, and it worked out just fine, hope to expand the reach even further in the future. Perhaps the platform could enable the teaching and reviewing to be a multi-coaching. Several coaches/trainers following the progress, discussing between themselves and reviewing results together, allowing wider and larger feedback and commenting.
toml   (30.04.2011 23:57)

There is a startup in Oulu that is focusing on enabling the self-learning of classical music and off-class training in a new way, I'll try to find contact with them and see if there's anything there that could be beneficial for this project.
toml   (29.04.2011 10:52)