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What is SWING?

The Swing to Win is an online learning program. The main object in the project is a documentary film about a lady who wants to become opera singer. There is a lot of opportunities in joining the projects. For coaches this offers huge opportunities to get and create new content for their own work and marketing. For social media enthustiasts it offers a new experience to collaborate and create something new. And so on.

The hub website for the SWING published on May 2011 in adress


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There is a group of individuals who had planned the SWING project. There is the producer Tertta Saarikko and social media consultant Kristiina Pääkkönen @KristiinaMeme and "The Star" Cristina Andersson @cristinaandersso aka @WinningHelix (in Twitter) who has invited people to join the SWING project and help the rest of the world to develop themself with help of the SWING concept. The SWING is still looking for the main sponsor. If you want to work in sponsor team (as a volunteer) please contact any of the people mentioned above.
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