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Content Strategy

Ideas for content

Few ideas for content in general:

  • Inspirational models, experiments, methods for learning & developing; in the form of videos, blog articles, tweets
  • Examples, ideas
  • Encouraging people to contribute, to participate,  show how they learn, develop them selves. (in a blog?)
  • Following the process of making the show (making of) and Cristina sharing her own thoughts of her learning
  • Guides on how to participate
  • Links to materials & web pages, such as
  • Encouraging people to reveal their own Swing (would it be sports, teaching...)

Discuss & brainstorm

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Even though we want people to widen their perspectives and to create their own Swing I think we should also keep this simple enough to understand and follow. Let's remember that we've been working on Swing for many weeks and we understand the thing but social media channels should be so easy that a newcomer would get the clue, as well. The hub would be very welcome.

And still we should also let people to find the best channels for them to participate, let it be Ning, Facebook, VKontakte or whichever.

That it to say, to me at least, that content strategy should be both distributed and compiled.
oskariuotinen oskariuotinen   (09.05.2011 12:56)

The message to participants should be very clear and fairly simple. We should produce a clear statement of what swing is about and what does it mean to "you".
msalavuo   (29.04.2011 15:52)