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One common thing

Can we find one common thing for SWING tribe? They all... want to develop themselves and enjoy they life?

- Courageous and self-directed learners aiming for goals that matter internally

Common things

Maybe a one common thing is also the need and urge to challenge ourselves. We want to go and experience 'something new' and tell to our friends & colleagues about the new fields and findings.

- Interest in music, main character, gurus or learning

- Interest in the new concept of Swing (global reach, networking, participatory show...)

Discuss & brainstorm

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@kristiinameme Beats me, not very good with students I'm afraid. Anyone here with lecturing experience from any such institute?
toml   (18.05.2011 22:17)

@toml I have asked a permission to contact also students of Metropolia polytechnics with an invitation to join our tribe. What kind of message we could write them? Must be short and engaging.
kristiinameme kristiinameme   (01.05.2011 10:18)

I'm assuming there needs to be a certain amount of footwork done in order to reach the relevant parties, activate discussions at Sibelius-Akatemia, Pop-Jazz Konservatorio (Yes, even for classical music), other music-related institutes, orchestras, etc. These people don't yet (at least to my knowledge) hangout anywhere particular together, they need to be gathered together somehow. Main news media coverage would be great for that.
toml   (29.04.2011 11:05)

How does the tribe find Swing? What makes them interested in Swing? What is the thing that makes them feel that there's something for them in Swing? We don't do age discrimination but classical music may scare young people. How are we able to meet the expectations and needs of every of our various target groups? Or do we have to please all and everybody?
oskariuotinen oskariuotinen   (29.04.2011 00:09)