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Content Swingers


As every episode has a dedicated coach, there could be also a dedicated social media coach / curator / network fasilitator / content swinger for every episode. She/he could lead the discussion, tell about other Swing channels, give advice on how to use the channels, participate, contribute and discuss. Curating the channels (own and other) would also be one of the tasks.

Roles of the curators

  • Providing an example of social media use that relates to learing, growth, creativity
  • Giving advise on how to use social media: both from cultural perspective (find your tribe, free your self to allow mistakes and learn from them, understanding agency and ownership in social media etc.) as well as from technical point of view (e.g. which tools suit which purposes, how to start using those tools)

Basic tasks

  • Engaging the discussion
  • Asking questions, providing answers to the Swing Tribe
  • ..more!

Suggestions for Swingers of the Month

Add yourself!

June @Liljajan?

July/August @LucianaPolonen? + ?




Discuss & brainstorm

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@msalavuo Content Swingers? :D
kristiinameme kristiinameme   (07.06.2011 07:43)

@msalavuo Yes we should
anonymous   (07.06.2011 07:41)

Should we call them social media curators or netwok facilitators instead of SoMe coaches?
msalavuo   (30.05.2011 12:32)

Exactly! Curators, Network facilitators. 15% technical 85% cultural & procedural
msalavuo   (30.05.2011 11:37)

I like the idea of showcasing. SoMe coaches could help in revealing the whole potential of Swing. Maybe SoMe coaches could also lead people to reveal their own Swings, on the side. The work of SoMe coaches would be much like "verkostokätilöinti" (=network "facilitating").
oskariuotinen oskariuotinen   (30.05.2011 11:17)

The main task could be to showcase how social media could be used by the tribe, relating to Swing ideology and concrete episodes, as well as the subject area which the coaches are currently talking about. The latter might be a bit difficult task in some episodes.

SoMe coaches are experts of social media, collaboration etc., not any particular subject area, of course. They would help in engaging discussions, perhaps setting up a new channel, if the coach requests it..

Whether the Somecoaches moderate or not, depends on their status. Moderation is more like a community manager's job, while the SoMe coaches might have a slightly "higher status" as experts, and also not time for fairly simple discussion moderation.
msalavuo   (30.05.2011 11:09)

I don't think that every social media coach would need to have different, specific areas of expertise. Swing is not about social media, social media is only to make Swing possible.

Is SoMe coach also to moderate the discussion? Would that be reasonable? If, then we don't need to pay for moderation (see:
oskariuotinen oskariuotinen   (30.05.2011 10:54)

@msalavuo I was just writing the same things down but phone ringing disturbed my working :) I'll write these ideas to content area also...
oskariuotinen oskariuotinen   (30.05.2011 10:45)

Ideas: The social media coach works for a month, relating to 1) the current episode of Swing and the subject area of current Swing-coach.

The task includes facilitating discussion & participation, guiding people to participate, contribute, discuss... Curating the SoMe channels relating to the subject area..
msalavuo   (30.05.2011 10:28)