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Let's make people happy with help of the SWING

Let's help people to

-believe in themselves

-reach their goals

-have big visions

-work to get what they want to have

- learn to learn self-directively

- appreciate and understand music and music learning

-use the SWING as a platform for their certain needs

- Branding SWING as a way to achieve the goals mentioned here and act, think and learn accoring to the SWING philosophy.


Discuss & brainstorm

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@justellen Perhaps teacher's evaluation as well?

@justellen Metrics for self evaluation on learning curve, individually but with the chance of sharing Heia-like, perhaps...

@toml Self evaluation of individual practices or lessons? Do you meen for each member?
justellen   (27.05.2011 11:57)

@toml I too have being away for a while. Now I feel the time is finaly on my side. And I see so much things are done and done.
justellen   (27.05.2011 11:56)

@oskariuotinen I've been out of Swing for a while, did you come up with any metrics or goals yet? No. of users, no. of Likes/Shares/RTs? Levels of learning measured somehow? Logged practices or similar? Self evaluation of individual practices or lessons?

I meant more like if we should place some numerical goals that we should reach.

@oskariuotinen For Social Media engagement it will be easy to measure and analyze usage, the same if we create a sort of Heia of music learning/practicing, but the soft metrics are the hardest... Believing, reaching goals, vision, etc.

What kind of measurable goals we could set?