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  Tribe I'm assuming there needs to be a certain amount of footwork done in order to reach the relevant parties, activate discussions at Sibelius-Akatemia, Po (more...) toml 29.04.2011 11:05
  Technical implementation of the learning environment If it was to be a HeiaHeia of music practicing, a Journal or blogroll or similar would be a great addition to that. toml 29.04.2011 10:59
  Technical implementation of the learning environment Swing journal could also be a collection of individual blogs at a newsletter if not possible to gather everyone 'under one roof'. Or perhaps (more...) toml 29.04.2011 10:58
  Pedagogical goals and framework There is a startup in Oulu that is focusing on enabling the self-learning of classical music and off-class training in a new way, I'll try to find con (more...) toml 29.04.2011 10:52
  Front page Hello! Good to meet you guys here! A great way to communicate and cooperate. cristinaandersso 29.04.2011 08:18
  Content Strategy edited oskariuotinen 29.04.2011 01:00
  Goals What kind of measurable goals we could set? oskariuotinen 29.04.2011 00:55
  Goals edited oskariuotinen 29.04.2011 00:46
  Opera fans / Wagnerians edited oskariuotinen 29.04.2011 00:46
  Special groups edited oskariuotinen 29.04.2011 00:45
  Infuencers / Places My company InFlow has also a contact to Mashable. We can try to utilize that to spread the word. Btw, I also have in my network the CEO of Bambuser wh (more...) oskariuotinen 29.04.2011 00:33
  Special groups edited oskariuotinen 29.04.2011 00:29
  Infuencers / Places edited oskariuotinen 29.04.2011 00:29
  Infuencers / Places I think that the list of influencers is classified as confidential at the moment, so that I only put here what we have researched in general level. oskariuotinen 29.04.2011 00:28
  Infuencers / Places edited oskariuotinen 29.04.2011 00:27
  Tribe edited oskariuotinen 29.04.2011 00:11
  Tribe edited oskariuotinen 29.04.2011 00:10
  Tribe How does the tribe find Swing? What makes them interested in Swing? What is the thing that makes them feel that there's something for them in Swing? W (more...) oskariuotinen 29.04.2011 00:09
  Tribe edited oskariuotinen 29.04.2011 00:00
  PART I: WHAT DO WE WANT TO HAPPEN? First buzz, arousing interest, creating engagement (conversion). Then maintaining interest (content). The whole path leads to empowerment, great, cons (more...) oskariuotinen 28.04.2011 23:59
  PART I: WHAT DO WE WANT TO HAPPEN? edited oskariuotinen 28.04.2011 23:56
  Front page Hey, this is great work waht you have started to do. I was on a brief vacation yesterday so that I start working on this now. I'm truly inspired about (more...) oskariuotinen 28.04.2011 23:29
  Technical implementation of the learning environment It is also true that there should be various tools available to meet everybody's needs but variety of the tools shouldn't become mess. oskariuotinen 28.04.2011 23:23
  Technical implementation of the learning environment "Swing journal" is a good idea. Because of the collaborative nature of Swing and the new learning paradigm there is definitely need to document and fo (more...) oskariuotinen 28.04.2011 23:20
  Background edited oskariuotinen 28.04.2011 23:14
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  Background edited oskariuotinen 28.04.2011 23:11
  Swing as global learning network edited oskariuotinen 28.04.2011 23:10
  Infuencers / Places Sorry about the little break in working on Swing. Had a little surprise from my wife (avovaimo) :) Now back to business and whole night time for this (more...) oskariuotinen 28.04.2011 22:58
  Special groups I put some Finnish association links to "Coaches" page - other and international ones are wellcome. Maybe those kind of "tribes" have some discussion (more...) jarmolahti 28.04.2011 18:24

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