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  Vkontakte We can create a profile page at Vkontakte. A project or a company is treated similarly at Vkontakte. No real Fan page option yet available. Public for (more...) toml 26.05.2011 10:02
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  Vkontakte @Marianne I also sent Kristiina an invite some days ago. toml 26.05.2011 10:01
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  Vkontakte To create page in Vkontakte, invitation from someone who´s already in is needed. Someone who has account in Vkontakte invites his/her friend who gets (more...) Marianne 23.05.2011 20:11
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  Technical implementation of the learning environment @oskariuotinen Again Oskari the same question here as in other parts of Purot, as I've been away for the last 2 weeks or so, has anything happened wit (more...) toml 18.05.2011 22:33
  Goals @oskariuotinen I've been out of Swing for a while, did you come up with any metrics or goals yet? No. of users, no. of Likes/Shares/RTs? Levels of lea (more...) toml 18.05.2011 22:27
  Other learners @oskariuotinen Oskari, as a HeiaHeia active, do you think some sort of badging system or similar would drive some motivation? toml 18.05.2011 22:22
  Tribe @kristiinameme Beats me, not very good with students I'm afraid. Anyone here with lecturing experience from any such institute? toml 18.05.2011 22:17
  Practical issues with social media and Swing @oskariuotinen Exactly! Perhaps a thesis worker to start with? toml 18.05.2011 22:15
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