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Alternatives for platform depends on the budjects


The most of the platforms are free to use, but Ning / Elgg community platforms cost. All the channels demand a moderator

Communities might be sponsored.

-> Would your organisation like to be a sponsor for SWING community?


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Very nice site! cheap goods

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Front page
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kristiinameme (Kristiina Pääkkönen)

@anonyymi What do you mean? How do think it should be? :)

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Is it ok to try to find Russians to join the project? I think there might be some people in my Twitter followers, who could be interested.

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kristiinameme (Kristiina Pääkkönen)

@msalavuo Cheers for that idea!

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Content Swingers
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kristiinameme (Kristiina Pääkkönen)

@msalavuo Content Swingers? :D

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Discuss & brainstorm

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What about hosts in communities. Hosts should be learning / music oriented organizations that can promote themselves with a logo and / or one status message per day? Blaah, maybe not, feels like a bad idea already :D

Kirjoita viestisi tähän...

As Swing communities are growing all the time, could we try to find volunteers from there? There can be more than one admin for each of the channels: Cristina would add content from behind the scenes, a volunteer would maintain conversation...

Could any of, for example, our companies, have motivation to be an admin if there was a chance to somehow promote ourselves (a company logo in the FB page, for example)?

Content creation may take something like an hour per day? And I think one admin should take care of all the channels at the time so that there wouldn't be one in FB, one in Twitter etc...

The most of the work should be done with the little help of the tribe / volunteers. What could be the content process like?

Example: 1 administrator per month -> 12 administrators needed on july2011-june 2012.

What kind of peeps / organizations could have the motivation to be administrators/content producers/community managers in SWING? How can we engage / support them? The busiest month will be on autumn 2011.

Feel free the creat wiki pages and write down theresources part of the SWING strategy. :)