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  Front page @jal53 Yes, for non-registered users automatically checks language from web browser. To your last message: we are working on it. Until the (more...) hponka 02.05.2011 12:29
  Opera fans / Wagnerians @oskariuotinen Thank for your notice. We will fix this bug. hponka 02.05.2011 12:07
  Front page @jal53 Registration form is now also in English when user have english web browser. So there are no need to change language from Finnish to English. hponka 29.04.2011 22:12
  Front page @kristiinameme @jal53 English translation added. You can now select english language in your user account edit (upper right menu). hponka 29.04.2011 15:26
  Front page @jal53 it's not ready yet, but we can publish very early version soon. hponka 26.04.2011 14:13

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