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  Content Swingers I like the idea of showcasing. SoMe coaches could help in revealing the whole potential of Swing. Maybe SoMe coaches could also lead people to reveal (more...) oskariuotinen 30.05.2011 11:17
  Content Swingers I don't think that every social media coach would need to have different, specific areas of expertise. Swing is not about social media, social media i (more...) oskariuotinen 30.05.2011 10:54
  Content Swingers @msalavuo I was just writing the same things down but phone ringing disturbed my working :) I'll write these ideas to content area also... oskariuotinen 30.05.2011 10:45
  Goals I meant more like if we should place some numerical goals that we should reach. oskariuotinen 09.05.2011 13:17
  Resources What about hosts in communities. Hosts should be learning / music oriented organizations that can promote themselves with a logo and / or one status m (more...) oskariuotinen 09.05.2011 12:59
  Content Strategy Even though we want people to widen their perspectives and to create their own Swing I think we should also keep this simple enough to understand and (more...) oskariuotinen 09.05.2011 12:56
  Facebook @Katritee Seems good. oskariuotinen 09.05.2011 12:47
  Resources As Swing communities are growing all the time, could we try to find volunteers from there? There can be more than one admin for each of the channels: (more...) oskariuotinen 05.05.2011 10:29
  Pedagogical Strategy Great work, @msalavuo! is a great way to create for example Swing badges. I guess many of you have tried that or added some of PicBadges (more...) oskariuotinen 05.05.2011 00:18
  Coaches In many cases admins might like to inform people for example in FB by a new page post. Should give a try, at least? oskariuotinen 05.05.2011 00:10
  People willing to develope themselves How to get them interested... Small steps and small feelings of success? Positive, interactive experience that arouses positive feeling and that empow (more...) oskariuotinen 04.05.2011 23:39
  People willing to develope themselves Good question, @jal53. Should we search for communities that are related to self-development? Some of the the biggest of them, then believe that WoM t (more...) oskariuotinen 04.05.2011 23:33
  Facebook @katritee Looking good! oskariuotinen 02.05.2011 22:51
  Sponsors / Companies @kristiinameme I agree. oskariuotinen 02.05.2011 22:37
  Other learners How could we encourage people to share their own learning goals and document their progress? Should there be some sort of platform for that, as well? (more...) oskariuotinen 02.05.2011 22:34
  Foursquare I like the idea of using 4sq in Swing! oskariuotinen 02.05.2011 00:25
  Facebook @katritee shared ideas for this in Yammer. Could you referate them here? oskariuotinen 01.05.2011 23:47
  Tools and Channels Sharing is a crucial part. Because of the global nature of Swing, people should be able to share content to also more exotic services. oskariuotinen 01.05.2011 23:45
  Sponsors / Companies How many sponsors we now have (@kristiinameme)? I think this is somewhat non-public issue but what kind of companies those are? How could they become (more...) oskariuotinen 01.05.2011 23:38
  Opera fans / Wagnerians @hponka Problem with long urls in comments. oskariuotinen 01.05.2011 23:36
  Practical issues with social media and Swing I think there would be volunteers available for that. Guess what would be great? A student of social psychology, for example, who could benefit from t (more...) oskariuotinen 01.05.2011 23:14
  Technical implementation of the learning environment Definately! I'm addicted to HeiaHeia. Training has boosted my usage of Heia and using Heia has boosted my training, as well. That's a wonderful idea! (more...) oskariuotinen 01.05.2011 23:03
  Pedagogical goals and framework Great ideas, Tom! I think that we have been planning some kind of platform where both coaching and learning from each other would be easy. oskariuotinen 01.05.2011 22:59
  Goals What kind of measurable goals we could set? oskariuotinen 29.04.2011 00:55
  Infuencers / Places My company InFlow has also a contact to Mashable. We can try to utilize that to spread the word. Btw, I also have in my network the CEO of Bambuser wh (more...) oskariuotinen 29.04.2011 00:33
  Infuencers / Places I think that the list of influencers is classified as confidential at the moment, so that I only put here what we have researched in general level. oskariuotinen 29.04.2011 00:28
  Tribe How does the tribe find Swing? What makes them interested in Swing? What is the thing that makes them feel that there's something for them in Swing? W (more...) oskariuotinen 29.04.2011 00:09
  PART I: WHAT DO WE WANT TO HAPPEN? First buzz, arousing interest, creating engagement (conversion). Then maintaining interest (content). The whole path leads to empowerment, great, cons (more...) oskariuotinen 28.04.2011 23:59
  Front page Hey, this is great work waht you have started to do. I was on a brief vacation yesterday so that I start working on this now. I'm truly inspired about (more...) oskariuotinen 28.04.2011 23:29
  Technical implementation of the learning environment It is also true that there should be various tools available to meet everybody's needs but variety of the tools shouldn't become mess. oskariuotinen 28.04.2011 23:23

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