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  Front page @anonyymi What do you mean? How do think it should be? :) kristiinameme 22.06.2011 22:10
  Facebook @msalavuo Cheers for that idea! kristiinameme 09.06.2011 06:18
  Vkontakte @justellen The problem is: I've never got any Vkontakte invitations. It does ot work with Finnish Mobile phones? kristiinameme 09.06.2011 06:16
  Content Swingers @msalavuo Content Swingers? :D kristiinameme 07.06.2011 07:43
  Front page -> Would your organisation like to be a sponsor for SWING community? kristiinameme 03.06.2011 23:31
  Resources @oskariuotinen Not bad at all! kristiinameme 03.06.2011 23:30
  Front page -> Would YOU like to be a volunteer and curate / monitor the SWING social media channels on autumn 2011 / winter 2012? For a week? For a month? kristiinameme 03.06.2011 23:22
  Resources Kirjoita viestisi tähän... kristiinameme 06.05.2011 13:50
  Background There is a group of individuals who had planned the SWING project. There is the producer Tertta Saarikko and social media consultant Kristiina Pääkkön (more...) kristiinameme 04.05.2011 08:52
  Resources The most of the work should be done with the little help of the tribe / volunteers. What could be the content process like? Example: 1 administrator (more...) kristiinameme 04.05.2011 08:46
  Sponsors / Companies @oskariuotinen The sponsor we are publishing next week on the new website are six. They are marketing companies (those responsible about web presence, (more...) kristiinameme 02.05.2011 06:52
  Tribe @toml I have asked a permission to contact also students of Metropolia polytechnics with an invitation to join our tribe. What kind of message we coul (more...) kristiinameme 01.05.2011 10:18
  Practical issues with social media and Swing @toml Yes. We should estimate in this strategy also what resources we need for this content process. I guess we need at least one person to check all (more...) kristiinameme 01.05.2011 10:12
  Swing as global learning network @msalavuo This part should be integrated into rest of the strategy, like the page and so on. I'd love it if you coul (more...) kristiinameme 01.05.2011 10:06
  Infuencers / Places @oskariuotinen Yeah let's not put the pure names, but I think blogs and all websites (FB, forums etc.) are such we can write about. kristiinameme 01.05.2011 10:02
  Infuencers / Places @jal53 Thanks :) kristiinameme 01.05.2011 10:00
  Infuencers / Places @oskariuotinen @oskariuotinen I would love it if you could use your study and write about those channels (FB, Linkedin, websites, blogs, forums) to th (more...) kristiinameme 01.05.2011 10:00
  Infuencers / Places Oskari knows somerhing about this part? kristiinameme 27.04.2011 13:14
  PART I: WHAT DO WE WANT TO HAPPEN? This is just a new chapter frontpage Let's try to finish this part this week? kristiinameme 27.04.2011 13:04
  Front page Please feel free to add content to the pages. If you dont have "the strategy" there. Write down the questions. But it's ok to have a strategy/vision i (more...) kristiinameme 27.04.2011 12:57
  Front page @Kondwani Yes. :) I think we should start with "what do we want to happen" amd then go to what channels, processes timetable for steps etc. Do you agr (more...) kristiinameme 27.04.2011 12:50
  Front page @msalavuo :) kristiinameme 27.04.2011 11:43
  Front page @msalavuo :) kristiinameme 27.04.2011 11:43
  Front page Yes here we are :) kristiinameme 26.04.2011 16:26

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