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  Front page @anonyymi What do you mean? How do think it should be? :) kristiinameme 22.06.2011 22:10
  Vkontakte Is it ok to try to find Russians to join the project? I think there might be some people in my Twitter followers, who could be interested. Marianne 21.06.2011 20:33
  Vkontakte @kristiinameme There shoudn´t be any problems with Finnish mobiles. Should we send a new invitation? Every user has 3 invitations, I have 2 left. Marianne 21.06.2011 20:27
  Front page How open could and should be? How easy and intuitive is the registration? How automatic shoud/could it be? - ping @kristiinameme (more...) anonymous 20.06.2011 11:53
  Facebook @msalavuo Cheers for that idea! kristiinameme 09.06.2011 06:18
  Vkontakte @justellen The problem is: I've never got any Vkontakte invitations. It does ot work with Finnish Mobile phones? kristiinameme 09.06.2011 06:16
  Content Swingers @msalavuo Content Swingers? :D kristiinameme 07.06.2011 07:43
  Content Swingers @msalavuo Yes we should anonymous 07.06.2011 07:41
  Front page -> Would your organisation like to be a sponsor for SWING community? kristiinameme 03.06.2011 23:31
  Resources @oskariuotinen Not bad at all! kristiinameme 03.06.2011 23:30
  Front page -> Would YOU like to be a volunteer and curate / monitor the SWING social media channels on autumn 2011 / winter 2012? For a week? For a month? kristiinameme 03.06.2011 23:22
  Content Swingers Should we call them social media curators or netwok facilitators instead of SoMe coaches? msalavuo 30.05.2011 12:32
  Content Swingers Exactly! Curators, Network facilitators. 15% technical 85% cultural & procedural msalavuo 30.05.2011 11:37
  Content Swingers I like the idea of showcasing. SoMe coaches could help in revealing the whole potential of Swing. Maybe SoMe coaches could also lead people to reveal (more...) oskariuotinen 30.05.2011 11:17
  Content Swingers The main task could be to showcase how social media could be used by the tribe, relating to Swing ideology and concrete episodes, as well as the subje (more...) msalavuo 30.05.2011 11:09
  Content Swingers I don't think that every social media coach would need to have different, specific areas of expertise. Swing is not about social media, social media i (more...) oskariuotinen 30.05.2011 10:54
  Content Swingers @msalavuo I was just writing the same things down but phone ringing disturbed my working :) I'll write these ideas to content area also... oskariuotinen 30.05.2011 10:45
  Content Swingers Ideas: The social media coach works for a month, relating to 1) the current episode of Swing and the subject area of current Swing-coach. The task in (more...) msalavuo 30.05.2011 10:28
  Goals @justellen Perhaps teacher's evaluation as well? toml 27.05.2011 13:14
  Goals @justellen Metrics for self evaluation on learning curve, individually but with the chance of sharing Heia-like, perhaps... toml 27.05.2011 13:08

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